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Available now, the new germicidal lamp with its UV light eliminates bacteria, viruses, germs, fungi, mold and allergens.

Suitable for all surfaces.

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New germicidal lamp LED portable battery-Lithium.
Recommended to sanitise all surfaces.
Delete the viruses and bacteria. CE certified product

Ideal for counters of the bars, the clothes exhibited in the store, bathrooms and sanitary gyms and places of aggregation, workstations office desks, production sites, shops, home environment, and neonatal, vehicles, cars, trucks, and vans, especially if in common use.

It sanitizes by removing bacteria and viruses without the need of products and chemical agents, so it won't damage the surfaces. Does not leave residue. We use no harmful substances. It is not dangerous for people.

Protect the eyes when using, do not use on the skin.

The UV lamp is effective: it kills 99% of bacteria and viruses.

The effectiveness of this product has been tested in a microbiological laboratory


  • portable
  • USB rechargeable with cable 60 cm long (mains adapter not included)
  • 7 LED SMD UVc 0.6 W
  • wavelength 260-280 nm
  • 2 LED head 2W for directional lighting
  • total power 4.2 W
  • magnetic base adjustable (tilt adjustable)
  • battery lithium-ion 2000mAh 3.7 V
  • charging time 2-3 hours
  • autonomy 5 hours
  • auto off function 5 minutes
  • size 360x40x34 mm

How it works the uv germicidal lamp?

The portable lamp produces a light, ultra-violet UVc (wavelength, 260nm). This light destroys the molecular bonds of DNA and RNA, killing the micro-organisms.

You use from 1 to 10 cm away from the surface, for a disinfection time ranging from 10 seconds to 2 minutes.

Why use the uv germicidal lamp to sanitize your local?

In accordance with the provisions of the National Protocol on Safe Work Environments 14/3/2020 for the health emergency, it is necessary to ensure workers and customers with access to environments “decontaminated” to avoid bringing contact with pathogens. What does this mean? The need to sanitise and make safe the premises, it is now easier with the help of the germicidal lamp Drift.

Drift allows you to sanitize all surfaces that can't be put in contact with solutions disinfected or products sanitizing. Forget about liquids and spray with germicidal lamp.

Fields of application:

  • surfaces where the house different objects: with the germicidal lamp sanifichi all
  • clothing: UV rays do not damage the clothes
  • paper material: detergents ruin the paper
  • porous surfaces they are perfectly dry and sanitized after the passage of the lamp
  • objects in use to the community: the sanitizing lamp is faster and you can repeat with frequency
  • DPI: must be sanitized after each use
  • keyboards and computers: it sanitizes the surface with the germicidal lamp before touching them with your hands

See the video demonstration of use of the germicidal lamp

sanitizing car interior

sanitation of places of work and DPI

sanitizing clothing

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