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Dinamitek is your reference in the TOOLS field

Our catalogue serves all requests for working tools, PPE and consumables, both for the world of industrial work and for DIY.


In 2009 we started with the industrial supplies to the companies of our region and we realized that we are really good at it:

  • we are fast in deliveries
  • we supply "unobtainable" material
  • we give customized solutions for specific production lines

Then we fell in love with the web, so here we are.

We have everything you need for your work, or we can find it.


We're fast, have we already said that?

  • the material we have in stock is delivered in 24/48 hours throughout Italy
  • all other products are delivered directly by the producers
  • We ship all over the world at moderate prices and with reasonable delivery times


Being part of the direct relationship with customers before arriving on the web showed us the right path to take:


Stop wasting time to visit all the brico shops in your area: contact us and we will take care to propose valid solutions.

We know that you love to go to the hardware store because you can discuss with the guy at the desk about the work you have to do. That’s just what your wife always says: "Call the technician dear", but you know you can do it yourself if you get the right tool.


We also know that standard solutions are not always suitable for the work you need to do.

For Dinamitek, providing the right equipment is a challenge that has already been won. We listen to you like the guy in the hardware shop, but we serve you better. Do you know why? Because we do not have a warehouse to empty, as it happens in all stores. We can provide you the equipment with the features you are looking for.


Do send us your request. It is always worth it. Even for a budget of just a few euros.


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