Safety glasses stangetta SHARPEN COFRA

Extensive protection of the lenses with a soft, chopsticks non-slip, dedicated to mechanical work in closed environments with good visibility conditions. Weight 24 g

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  • Material: polycarbonate
  • Color:
    - Indoor/Outdoor (Suitable for those who have passes frequently from indoor environments (closed and with low light) to outdoor environments (open air and enough lighting) and vice versa. Being a clear lens with a slight mirror, provides optimum viewing in lighting conditions for both indoor and outdoor. Allows, therefore, a greater visibility and a high level of identification of colors and shapes during the use in both conditions and during the passage through these two environments. Useful for jobs with forklift, mechanical work, work with transition between dark environments and bright environments)
    - Yellow (indicated in low-light situations, cloudiness, haze, or fog, because such conditions can make it more sharp objects. In addition to filtering perfectly ultraviolet (UV) and the blue portion (up to 480nm) in the visible spectrum, it increases contrast even in low light conditions. Useful for working in the presence of bad weather conditions and environments foggy, inspection of surfaces, machining the inside of tunnels, works in the subsoil, mines, mechanical work, exposure to ultraviolet light, warehouses)
    - Grey (Recommended to work in environments strongly illuminated, where the light results in a considerable eye strain. Absorbs very well in both the ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR), in addition to maintaining the relative proportions between the colors. At the change of the wavelength, in fact, the absorption is almost constant in the visible spectrum, for which the perception of color is only slightly altered. Useful for people who work outdoors, mechanical work with risk of glare, agriculture, building, refineries)
    - Colourless (Suitable for use in closed environments and in good visibility conditions, for indoor applications for which protection is necessary, and the shade of the eyes from the shock and from the most common risks. Furthermore, they help to protect you from the ultraviolet rays. Useful for mechanical work in closed environments with good visibility conditions)
  • Curvature: 7
  • Treatment of the lenses:
    - Anti-scratch Treatment hardening is performed on the surface of the lenses which determines an improvement in terms of abrasion resistance and, therefore, a greater duration in time)
    - Mirrored (Made on the outside of the lens, covered with a thin layer of partially reflective, it is a treatment that allows a greater reflection of the incident light on the lens itself, reducing a good part of the amount of light that reaches the eyes. This treatment is therefore suitable and intended for use in conditions of light and extremely strong, and where it is necessary to protect themselves from the glare of snow and ice))
    - Protection UV 400 (UV protection 400 extends the protection of the lenses beyond the UV block conventional, rated at 380 nm. This treatment, in fact, allows you to filter the UV radiation beyond this wavelength, while blocking the transmittance of the light spectrum up to 400 nm, and helping to protect the eyes from a wider range of light rays harmful)
  • Marking: 5-1, 7 1 FT CE
  • Standards: EN 166 (general Rules), EN 172 (solar filters for industrial use)


  • Material rods: polycarbonate + TPR
  • Features of the structure:
    - Soft nose pad (The soft rubber, which is made with the nose pad increases the comfort of the glasses, allowing even long-term use)
    - Terminals wands soft (Located at the ends of the rods, and made of soft rubber, they reduce the pressure of the rods on the face of the operator, ensuring a better adherence and a greater comfort especially in prolonged use)
  • Marking: EN 166 FT CE
Per la massima protezione del lavoratore in ogni campo di applicazione. Dispositivi di sicurezza certificati di produzione italiana, massima comodità nell'utilizzo e design alla moda


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