SANITIZES 50 Sanificatore wheeled to clean easily large areas frequented by the public, or for the reclamation of the places dedicated to the care of the people. Sanitizing surfaces is the first step to ensure a healthy environment and bring to the minimum the risk of infection and spread of diseases. Sanitize means to protect operators and guests in each context.

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SANITIZES 50 is a sanificatore trolley-powered 220 V single phase electric motor 1.5 HP. Ideal for the sanitising of all the closed places, even of large dimensions. Choose the sanificatore trolley means to proceed without any effort to sanitize all the area you intend to treat. It is intended to be used both for work environments in places frequented by the public, civil and industrial. The action SANITIZES 50 makes the safe environments because it eliminates the dangers of infection.

Standard equipment SANITATION 50
The kit launches fog is included
• Lance with brass extension cm 50 with nozzle mist angled
• Pipe m 50 high pressure
• Hose reel
• Launches long-range up to 8 metres

Kit fog, he manages thanks to a special pressure regulator, in order to adapt the jet to the surface that must be treated. The diaphragm pumps have the regulator of the various flow rates at high pressure.
The cart has two pneumatic wheels of large dimensions, which facilitates the movement of the machine. The frame is in painted steel to be durable.
The spear at long range allows you to use SANITIZES 50 also to sanitize the outside.
This machine for the sanitizing is compact, and easy to carry in your home to sanitize.

SANITIZES 50 is used with the detergent disinfectant concentrated chlorine DEONET.
Is also available the sanificatore shoulder TOP for those who want a battery-operated device to be used without the constraint of the power supply cable.

here the video demonstration

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