Non-contact thermometer is the perfect to detect the body temperature and the temperature of the surfaces in a variety of contexts:
at the entrance of shops and businesses to manage the flow of visitors and customers
for moms which can measure the temperature of the baby, his baby, and the milk in the bottle
for home use to have a measuring instrument, more hygienic: no contact they can use it all without risk of infection

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Thermometer for the fast detection of body temperature without contact, with only 0.1°C tolerance. The temperature reading is accurate and reliable. The infrared thermometer is an easy to use tool, then within the reach of all. Suitable for both home use and as a measure of monitoring the input of different productive and commercial activities.
The detection of the temperature is reported via acoustic signal (distance sensor-point integrated to ensure greater accuracy), the reading of the temperature on the backlit LCD screen.
This model has 2 units of temperature to convert: Fahrenheit or Celsius, it goes from one to the other simply by pressing and holding the "mode" button for more than 5 seconds. In auto, the instrument stores the recorded data.
This tool is used not only to measure the body temperature, but also to measure the temperature of objects, such as the temperature of the water bath of your son and his bottle.

50 set data storable
Powered by a 9 V battery (battery-square)
Temperature range: 34-42° C
Maximum error allowed between ±0.2-0.3 ° C
Resolution 0.1 ° C
Measurement position: within between 1 and 3 cm from the object of measurement.
Energy saving: auto power off in stand-by mode after 3 seconds of inactivity.
Working conditions and retention
Range of temperature: normal working 16-35 ° C humidity <85%
Transport and storage: -20 +55 ° C
Range of humidity: normal working: <93% (without condensation)
Atmospheric pressure: the normal work 700 to -1060 hPa
Size 136x83x39 mm
Weight 78 g

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