Dinamitek again chooses the Made in Italy, here are the new ozonation Fasano Tools


O-zone system Fasano Tools

Fasano Tools is an Italian brand which produces Made in Italy machinery. All ozonation Fasano Tools are CE certified easy-to-use, safe and effective.

What does it say the word ozonator

The ozonator is a machine that ozonizza, that is, which produces ozone, a powerful disinfectant natural. L’ozonation it is a process of sanitization by ozone recognized by the Ministry of Health a natural substance, created with a special machine.

Ozonizzare Fasano Tools

What's the use of the ozonator?

To sanitize, through the ozone,

  • local public
  • private homes
  • car interior

Those using ozonation?

The ozonizers are used in many fields of application, including the following sectors:

  • Automotive,
  • Catering,
  • Hospitality (Hotel, B&B, Hostels),
  • Spa (hair Stylists, beauty salons)

Features ozonator Fasano Tools
- Sensor saturation
- Conversion of O3 to O2
- Anti-particulate filters
- Built-in printer

It is dangerous to use the ozonator to purify the air in your home?

The ozonator serves to inhibit the presence of viruses, bacteria and molds in the environment. Ozone is a disinfectant and natural and has the advantage of acting in a hurry without releasing substances. It is not dangerous. The only trick is to use it in environments where there are no people, animals or plants. Just to re-oxygenate the room before and after ozonation in order to be completely safe in a the room is devoid of viruses and bacteria. The ozonator Fasano Tools has this automatic function, the oxygenation of the room is managed by the machine, in order to make more secure this time.

Where to place the ozonator

The ozonator is positioned inside the room or the passenger compartment of the car that you want to ozonizzare.

Ozonizzare interni veicoli

How many grams of ozone ozonator professional?

The ozonator Fasano Tools is equipped with three timer program that allow the machine itself to adjust to the size of the place from ozonizzare, then it is no longer a responsibility of the user to calculate how much ozone to produce the machine to get a ozonation professional. In addition, a special sensor has the task to detect the saturation of environmental ozone in parts per million, and re-set the machine in function of the conditions present. The sensor adapting the process of production and maintenance of the ozone itself. This optimization takes place both in terms of time and quantities.

What is on the inside of the ozonator?

The machine is equipped with a system to the corona effect by means of ceramic plates. This system allows the the formation of molecules of ozone, O3 due to the action of electrical discharges on oxygen O2 present in the air.

The ozonator Fasano Tools is equipped with 2 HEPA filters and 1 active carbon filter present in the suction channel. These filters are called in cause is in the suction phase, that of curing. The active carbon filter filters the air from dust and particulate. The filter HEPA place on the channel, and catalyst of the ozone allows you to filter the ozone that was previously created, avoiding a continuous circulation within the environment sanitized.

Ozonation of the series FG702 are equipped with printed built-in thermal.
Why is it important to have a printing device?
Because the receipt printed at the end of the ozonation shows the date and time of the intervention ensures the successful ozonation, indicating also the duration of the treatment and the amount of ozone produced. This print is a track reliable to be left to the customer as proof of the intervention.
The issuance of the bill responds to the question: “how to verify the operation of an ozonator”.

How to use the ozonator?

In the development of their own range, Fasano Tools has created machines of easy-to-use to give everyone the chance to build a device for the cleaning of the rooms, whether they are commercial businesses, private homes, or the passenger compartments of means of transport. The ozonation Fasano Tools works in a fully automatic way. Turned on the machine, a blue led emits a beam of light that indicates the operation in progress. An audible warning will sound and the led turns off blue alert the user to the end of the process.

Ozonizzare negozi

The ozonation Fasano Tools works in automatic mode. The steps of the process of ozonation are 3:

Step 1: issue 03, controlled via sensor saturation

The sensor saturation will make sure that the machine can decide autonomously how and when the amount of ozone produced is sufficient to sanitize the affected area. The machine calculates the exact number of ppm, OrThree necessary for proper sanitization.The ozonator Fasano Tools, then, need not be set.

Step 2: maintaining controlled

Reached the right concentration, ozone, the machine keeps it stable for a sufficient time to obtain the perfect sanitization. The calculation the fact that the person carries with itself the risk of error, the machine with its automatism is not wrong. In accordance with the ministerial directions 4.1 ppm of ozone inhibit the virus, if the concentration in the environment falls below this threshold, the machine restarts the production of O3

Step 3: conversion 03 - 02 automatic

The software of the ozonator Fasano Tools, after leaving the right saturation of ozone for the sanitization of the she room, started the reverse process, i.e. the re-oxygenation. The O3 is converted into O2, then the environment returns quickly to be safe and livable, without any presence of viruses and bacteria. Ozone naturally tends to return oxygen. The conversion process not only makes rapid this phase also. When you ozonizzano working environments or the passenger compartments of the vehicles is really useful to have available a effective machine that works in a short time.

Now that ozonation Fasano Tools no longer have secrets, you have to do is start to protect yourself sanificando your home, your local and your means of transport.

Ozonizers Fasano Tools, choose the Made in Italy with Dinamitek.

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