OPT050OP7001 - LATHE MODEL TU2807 - 230V - DIMENSIONS 140X700 MM
OPT050OP7001 - LATHE MODEL TU2807 - 230V - DIMENSIONS 140X700 MM Dinamitek 1



model TU2807

with gearbox feed

power motor 50 Hz 850 W

height of centers: 140 mm

distance between centers: 700 mm

diameter turning on a pallet: 266 mm

width of bench: 180 mm

size: 1370x640x535 mm

net weight: 180 kg

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Parallel lathe model TU2807 OPTIMUM with gearbox feed code 050OP7001

Self-centering three-jaw chuck Ø 125 mm
Tailstocks fixed-CM2 - CM4
Wall water curtain and bath chipping
Turning tools HSS
Tool holder with 4 compartments
Gear Set exchange
Service keys

The lathe OPTIMUM is a machine very powerful with a powerful motor that requires no maintenance. The gears of progress are silent thanks to the rounded shape and the position in the oil bath.

The structure is robust and durable, it was used for grey cast iron with reinforced ribs for the pallet, prismatic, subsequently tempered by induction and rectified, as the guides of the bench, treated them with the same techniques. The screw presenter is mounted on two bearings. L’the shaft of the spindle the root is hardened and mounted on tapered roller bearings of precision. The cone is short, and the nose of the spindle is also hardened. The the tool holder has four compartments and all the slides are adjustable with gibs tapered. For turning taper, you can move the tailstock of ± 5 mm. The tailstock –quill and the flier have the split end, adjustable to 0.02 mm. The tailstock can be set easily thanks to the clamping lever.
The lathe is equipped with gear set change for the thread.

The lathe is very accurate:

≤ 0.009 mm) accuracy of concentricity of the spindle nose.

≤ 0.04 mm accuracy of concentricity self-centering.

Flyers for the sleds have graduation end adjustable, share 0.04/0.01 mm.

From the control panel it is possible to plug in the right-left rotation.
At the disposal of the user there is an emergency-stop switch, in addition to the minimum voltage relay. As a system of protection from chips and slag produced from turning operations, the lathe is equipped with protection on the slide top.

Technical data:

power motor 50 Hz 850 W,

height of centers: 140 mm,

distance between centers: 700 mm,

diameter turning on a pallet: 266 mm,

width of bench: 180 mm,

spindle speed: 150 - 2000 rpm,

number of speeds: 6,

spindle cone CM 4,

step bar: diameter mm 26,

race sled top: 60 mm,

stroke of cross slide: 160 mm,

longitudinal feed: 0,07 - 0,2 mm/rev,

threads metric pitch: 0,2 - 3,5 mm/r,

thread inches: 56 - 8 fil/1",

height attack tool holders four compartments: maximum 13.5 mm,

cone of the tailstock: CM 2,

stroke tailstock-quill: 85 mm,

size: 1370x640x535 mm,

net weight: 180 kg

The above data are not binding and at the discretion of the manufacturer can be changed



050OP1108 Set turning tools 10 mm, 11 pcs

050OP1664 Set turning tools 10 mm, 5 pcs

050OP1666 Set turning tools 12 mm, 5 pcs

335 6572-mount Adaptor column/milling head BF20V

335 2002 cooling System universal 230 V

338 1012 anti-vibration Mounts with leveling device

338 3975 measurement System magnetic digital DRO 5

338 3978 magnetic Tape, length 1,100 mm

338 4301 Tool holders quick-change push / self 1-A

338 4302 Holders of stock type D, tool square

338 4321 Tool holder spare type H tool round

344 0409 the machine Base

344 0702 Tailstock swivel CM2

344 0732 Tailstock swivel with interchangeable tips CM2

344 1109 Set collets ER 25, 1 - 16 mm, 15 pcs

344 1122 Set collets ER32

344 1305 Spindle have ER25

344 1306 Spindle support for pliers ER 32

344 1312 Flange for self-centering three-jaw chuck Ø 125 mm

344 1410 Bezel mobile

344 1415 fixed Bezel

344 1413 Flange for self-centering three-jaw chuck Ø 160 mm

344 1452 Platform clamping disc Ø 265 mm

344 2716 self-Centering cast iron 3-jaw Ø 160 mm (clamping concentric)

344 2812 self-Centering cast iron 4-jaw Ø 125 mm (tightening concentric)

344 2816 self-Centering cast iron 4-jaw Ø 160 mm (clamping concentric)

344 2874, self-Centering cast iron 4-jaw Ø 125 mm (clamping individual)

900 0401 Mounting turret quick change push / self

900 0420 Mounting

Qualità, precisione, longevità e stabilità di valore caratterizzano le macchine per la lavorazione dei metalli, garanzia tedesca



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