0.601.394.000 GWS 750 ANGLE GRINDER BOSCH

0.601.394.000 GWS 750 ANGLE GRINDER BOSCH

Angle grinder

model GWS 750

115 mm wheels and 750 watt motor

weight 1.9 Kg, carcass diameter 187 mm

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bosch GWS 750 angle grinder

Professional bosch grinder with 115 mm wheels and 750 watt motor. When empty it runs at 11,000 rpm.

The spindle has an M14 thread

Ergonomic, handy and powerful machine. It weighs only 1.9 kg, with a circumference of 187 mm.

The bosch hose is a robust tool, has dust protection, overload protection and long-lasting brushes

With the innovative RESTART PROTECTION system, operator protection is guaranteed. In the event that a power failure occurs with the consequent restoration of the current, the machine does not restart automatically but only at the command of the user. This allows you to have time to grip the tool correctly, to position yourself in the most appropriate way with respect to the machining to be performed and to continue the work in complete safety.

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