DRILL WIRE 750 WATT GBM 13-2 RE BOSCH Dinamitek 1



model GBM 13-2 RE Professional

power 750 Watts HEAVY DUTY,

amenities: extra grip, depth gauge 210 mm-spindle precision

grip handle with softgrip cover

angular measuring 29 mm

double rotation

2 speed, powerful and precise
Variable speed
Speed selection
Rotation control clutch

weight 2.4 Kg

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Drill GBM 13-2 RE Professional

Supplied with the drill bosch you receive the extra grip, the depth limiter (210 mm) and the spindle of precision.

The precision chuck has a high clamping force of the tip, which automatically adjusts itself in the work of drilling.

The tool has compact structure and the ergonomic handle softgrip cover to be more comfortable. The drill weighs 2.4 Kg, has a small angular width of only 29 mm, it is very comfortable to use in all applications. With the double rotation, can also be used to unscrew the screws

Drill, 2 speed, powerful, precise, power 750 Watts, output 353 Watts. The progress of the work is always fast and accurate. Tool from use versatile, dual speed, Variable speed, and Speed selection to preselect the speed of processing by an adjustment wheel.

Equipped with the innovative 2-gear, the torque is optimized for screw driving and high speed drilling thanks to the planetary gears in the 2 speed. The drill is also equipped with an electronic control for a beginning stage of drilling precise. The diameter of collar is 43 mm european standard can also be used on a drill column.

Idle rpm 0 / 1.000 / 3.000 revolutions/min.

Nominal speed 500 / 1.750 rpm.

Rated torque 6,8 / 2,5 Nm

Connecting thread post 1/2" / 20 UNF

Torque, max. 39,5 / 12.5 Nm

The drill bosch it is HEAVY DUTY, as all the tools from the professional range is fitted with ball bearings and roller bearings that ensure long life. With the device Rotation control clutch there should be no fear of overloading the tool, because in case of a paper jam is not the case of a sudden blocking thanks to the release of the clutch teeth and the reduction of the torque. This device protects both the user and the tool itself.

With regard to the field of drilling, the data of the tool are:

ø hole aluminium 20 / 12 mm

ø hole in wood 32 / 20 mm

ø hole in steel 13 / 8 mm

Information on the vibration according to EN 60745

Drilling in metal

The issue value of the oscillations ah 7.5 m/s2

Uncertainty of measurement K 1.6 m/s2


The issue value of the oscillations ah 2.5 m/s2

Measurement uncertainty K 1.5 m/s2


The issue value of the oscillations ah 2.5 m/s2

Measurement uncertainty K 1.5 m/s2

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