2.608.656.019-720 S 1122 BF UNIVERSAL SAW BLADE BOSCH
2.608.656.019-720 S 1122 BF SAW BLADE UNIVERSAL BOSCH Dinamitek 1

2.608.656.019-720 S1122 BF UNIVERSAL SAW BLADE BOSCH

Universal saw blade

model S 1122 BF

for universal saw GSA 1300 PCE

BIM blade, set and milled

tooth pitch is [mm] / TPI 1.8 / 14

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Universal saw blade S 1122 BF

bosch professional blade for GSA 1300 PCE universal saw

The S 1122 BF blade is a blade made of BIM, with set and milled teeth, suitable for cutting thick sheets (3-8 mm), solid pipes / profiles (ø <175 mm). The tooth pitch is [mm] / TPI 1.8 / 14.

It is a very resistant blade, it offers excellent performance.

Maximum performance is obtained on flush cuts and fast cuts

In detail, below are the fields of application

Thick sheet metal cuts thicknesses between 3 and 8 mm

Profiles, tubes closed within 175 mm

Profiles, open tubes within 175 mm

Profiles, solid tubes within 175 mm

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