0.601.132.703 GBW 10 RE ANGLE DRILL BOSCH

0.601.132.703 GBW 10 RE ANGLE DRILL BOSCH

Angle drill

model GWB 10 RE Professional

power 400 Watt HEAVY DUTY

10 mm integrated rack and pinion chuck

angular measure 23 mm
recessed spindle
head height 74 mm

Variable speed
Speed Selection
double rotation

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GWB 10 RE Professional angle drill

bosch drill with integrated 10 mm rack and pinion chuck, 400 Watt power to be used in all hard-to-reach places, thanks to the extremely thin machine body in which the slender cylindrical motor is located, equipped with sturdy gears to last a long time; it is a HEAVY DUTY tool. The angular measure is concentrated in just 23 mm, the height is reduced thanks to the recessed spindle and the height of the head is only 74 mm.

It will amaze you with its performance, here is the data on the drilling field

Aluminum hole diameter 12 mm

Wood hole diameter 22 mm

Steel hole diameter 10 mm

Small but technologically developed tool with acceleration electronics and speed preselection with Variable speed adjustment wheel; furthermore, with the Speed Selection, processing on materials that require specific speeds is optimized. Thanks to the double right and left rotation, it is also suitable for use as a screwdriver.

The other technical features of the GWB 10 RE

Power 400 W

Idle speed 1,300 rpm.

Power output 170 W

Weight 1.7 kg

Nominal speed 750 rpm.

Nominal torque 2.2 Nm

Torque, max. 5.5 Nm

Vibration information from the vector sum of three directions detected in accordance with EN 60745

Drilling in the metal

Fluctuations emission value ah 2.0 m / s²

Uncertainty of measurement K 1.5 m / s²


Fluctuations emission value ah 2.9 m / s²

Uncertainty of measurement K 1.5 m / s²

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