0.601.434.103 GDS 24 IMPACT WRENCH BOSCH

0.601.434.103 GDS 24 IMPACT WRENCH BOSCH

Power impact wrenches, 800 watts HEAVY DUTY

model GDS 24 Professional

equipment: additional handle and suspension bracket

double rotation
V-shaped mechanical impact mass with low kickback torque and long life

plug-in tools

Maximum screw diameter M 24

Weight 5.7 kg

Length 416 mm

Height 436 mm

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Impact wrenches GDS 24 Professional

Supplied with the bosch screwdriver, the additional handle and the suspension bracket

Tool that stands out for its power, 800 watts and max. (screwdriving in hard material) 600 Nm, it is worth putting it to the test: use it for assembly of truck wheels, for screwing in steel and mechanical constructions, as well as in boiler and piping construction. it is really performing, a really HEAVY DUTY power tool. Low weight and powerful impact mass equals ease of use.

This impact wrench is equipped with double rotation, useful to be used also as a screwdriver. The impacting mass is a V-shaped mechanical impacting mass with low kickback torque and long duration.

The tools are plug-in, to be easily replaceable.

The screwdriver has a suspension bracket that balances the center of gravity of the tool and an additional handle with support that can be mounted in two positions: maximum maneuverability is one of the main objectives of this machine.

Maximum screw diameter M 24

Power 800 W.

Tightening torque max. (screwing in hard material) 600 Nm

Tightening torque max. (screwing in elastic material) 300 Nm

Tool holder 3/4 "external square section

Nominal speed 950 rpm.

Weight 5.7 kg

Length 416 mm

Height 436 mm

Information on vibrations detected in accordance with standard EN 60745; derive from the vector sum of three directions

Tightening of screws and nuts of the maximum allowed dimensions

Vibration emission value ah 4.0 m / s

Uncertainty of measurement K 0.5 m / s

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