JIGSAW GST 150 BCE BOSCH Dinamitek 1



model GST 150 ECB Professional

Power 780 Watts

Height of stroke 26 mm

With its innovative system SDS and the Constant-speed

In order to work effectively and neat, the machine has 4 positions and the dust bag

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Jigsaw boschGST 150 ECB Professional

Power tool powerful and reliable, 780 Watts of pure power for cutting wood and aluminium. The tool, the vacuum turns 500 / 3.100 strokes/min., A machine is really HEAVY DUTY, no fear of overload

For the wood you can make cuts up to 150 mm, aluminium arrivals to 20 mm, with the steel not tied down to 10 mm; the height of the stroke is 26 mm. The replacement of the tools is quick and easy, thanks to the system SDS which does not require the use of tools. With the device Constant speed you can achieve high performance, the speed is constant improves the yield in cutting. The constant speed can be preset according to the material to be cut. The machine is equipped with a process of rapid cutting and an ejection system ideal chip with the oscillation of the blade adjustable to 3 or 4 levels. With the 4 positions you can get fine cuts and rough: RNA action orbital. The cut made is clean and precise thanks to the innovative fastening system of the blade. With the foot robust resists easily to the curves, even during the most extreme use

The jigsaw bosch it is equipped with bag for dust extraction, machining to protect the operator and of the machine itself. it is still possible to connect it to a vacuum system, the outside, in case of heavy machining. The handle has been ergonomically designed to be comfortable, even in the sessions longer

The jigsaw bosch weighs only 2.7 Kg, it is lightweight and easy to maneuver. With the long cable, 4 metres, you can work comfortably anywhere.

Are the values on the vibration detected in accordance with the standard EN 60745. Please note that the overall values of vibrations are derived from the vector sum of three directions

Drilling in wood

The issue value of the oscillations ah 7.0 m/s2

Measurement uncertainty K 1.5 m/s2

Cutting of metal sheet

The issue value of the oscillations ah 4.0 m/s2

Measurement uncertainty K 1.5 m/s2

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