Cordless percussion hammer
model GBH 36 VF-LI Plus Professional

Battery voltage 36 Volt, 4 Ah capacity "CoolPack" Electronic Cell Protection (ECP) technology
HEAVY DUTY multifunctional drilling, hammering and chiselling tool

1/1 thermoformed for L-BOXX for tool and battery charger
2 x 4.0 Ah lithium batteries
Quick charger
Quick charger
Additional handle
Depth limiter
Keyless chuck
SDS-plus replaceable chuck
Case L-BOXX 238

double rotation
SDS-Plus system
KickBack Control (KBC)
Electronic Precision Control (EPC)
Vibration Control
Variable speed
Constant speed
Rotation control clutch
Integrated LED

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Cordless percussion hammer GBH 36 VF-LI Plus Professional

Supplied with bosch percussion hammer
1/1 thermoformed for L-BOXX for tool and battery charger
2 x 4.0 Ah lithium batteries
Quick charger
Quick charger
Additional handle
Depth limiter
Keyless chuck
SDS-plus replaceable chuck
Case L-BOXX 238

Very powerful professional cordless power tool, but with total control even during the heaviest operations. Multifunctional tool, with the GBH 36 VF-LI Plus you can drill, hammer and chisel. HEAVY DUTY tool as per bosch tradition. This tool is the test winner with medium stock removal rate, a result confirmed by the independent testing and certification institute SLG

The percussion hammer has right and left rotation, so it can also be used as a screwdriver. The SDS Plus system allows optimum power transmission for small hammers and with the keyless chuck supplied, the tool is also suitable for wood and metal work with cylindrical shank drills. The SDS system allows quick tool changes without the use of tools.

The Plus version is totally innovative compared to the previous one: the forward speed is increased by 50% and lasts longer, by 100%. These high performances thanks to the formidable technical characteristics of the product:

Maximum blow power 3.2 J

Battery voltage 36 Volt, capacity 4 Ah

The tool is technologically advanced, the user has total control thanks to the bosch KickBack Control (KBC) system in heavy-duty applications and thanks to the bosch Electronic Precision Control (EPC) system when working with the softest materials. The EPC allows for a slow start and less percussion. The operator will never be subjected to excessive effort thanks to the Vibration Control. Maximum control of the machining in progress, with the Variable speed (variable number of revolutions) and Constant speed (constant speed) equipment that can be operated even under load.

An excellent integrated protection device is the Kickback control which, in the event of the accessory being blocked, automatically switches off the tool. The Rotation control clutch is also very useful, which intervenes in the event of overload or jamming: it releases the tooth clutch and reduces the torque avoiding sudden blocks.

The impact hammer drills up to 240 holes in concrete with a single battery charge (diameter 6 x 40 mm).

In detail of the drilling field:

Hole diameter in concrete with hammer bits 4/28 mm

Optimal range of application in concrete with hammer drill bits 8/18 mm

Maximum hole diameter in steel 13 mm

Maximum hole diameter in wood 30 mm

Now let's talk about the battery: with the bosch Electronic Cell Protection (ECP) system, it is protected against overload, overheating and complete discharge, thanks to the special heat conducting casing. Thanks to the "CoolPack" technology, heat dissipation is optimal, thus extending the battery life by up to 100% (compared to lithium batteries without "CoolPack" technology). No memory effect will threaten the health of the battery, Li-ION power. The charging time is very fast, already after 25 minutes, the battery is 80% charged, time to take a coffee break!

The percussion hammer has integrated LED lighting to be able to work comfortably even in situations of poor visibility.

Technical data of the GBH 36 VF-LI Plus hammer

Number of strokes at rated speed 0 / 4,200 strokes / min.

Nominal speed 0/940 rpm.


Length 407.0 mm

Width 108.0 mm

Height 246.0 mm

Special system component for L-BOXX

Special system component for lithium power tools

Vibration information according to EN 60745

Hammer drilling into concrete

Vibration emission value ah 14.5 m / s

Uncertainty of measurement 1.5 m / s

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