0.601.79E.002 GWS 13-125 CI ANGLE GRINDER BOSCH
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0.601.79E.002 GWS 13-125 CI ANGLE GRINDER BOSCH

Angle grinder

model GWS 13-125 CI Professional

1300 Watt power, 125 mm rubber wheels and pads and 75 mm cup brushes

ergonomic and technologically advanced:









dimensions and weight 297 mm, high 103 mm, 2.3 Kg

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bosch GWS 13-125 CI Professional angle grinder

Professional wheel suitable for those who need to work at high productivity, guaranteeing perfect operator protection. A truly HEAVY DUTY machine

The flexible bosch is equipped with a powerful 1300 Watt CONSTANT ELECTRONIC motor, when empty it reaches 11500 rpm, delivers a power of 700 Watt. An excellent solution for heavy machining. The tool is long lasting, the direct cooling of the DIRECT COOLING motor, the overload protection OVERLOAD PROTECTION and the long life of the carbon brushes make it a long life tool. Air conduction is also optimized to improve the protection of the machine against dust. The prerogative of this wheel is not only its sturdiness, but also the high efficiency in the performances it delivers: with the CONSTANT SPEED, the electronic speed regulator can work at a constant speed and this allows to improve the results obtained. This device can also be adjusted under load.

The angle grinder is 297 mm long, 103 mm high and weighs 2.3 kg. It is fitted with 125 mm diameter rubber wheels and pads and 75 mm cup brushes. The spindle thread is M14 and has a large locking button that allows quick and easy tool change.

The bosch hose has an ergonomic housing, it is a very handy tool. The handle can be used both on the right and on the left to better adapt to the working conditions. The gear head can be rotated in 90 ° steps. You can really work anywhere with this professional angle grinder. Thanks to the additional VIBRATION CONTROL handle, vibrations are reduced by 40%, freeing the operator from excessive efforts, as required by the EN 60745 standard.

The grinder is equipped with various safety systems to protect the operator:

the KICKBACK STOP causes the tool to stop as soon as it is released;

the protection against accidental restart in the event of a power failure the tool stops and does not restart until the operator commands, even if the power supply is restored,

the PROTECTION GUARD of the anti-rotation protection hood is effective even in the event of a disc break,

the SOFT START starting limiter allows a smooth start, to avoid any type of impact to the operator

the VIBRATION CONTROL which allows a comfortable work thanks to the reduced vibrations. It is obtained by adding a rubber backing or foam padding to the handles

Below are the indications on the vibrations detected according to the EN 60745 standard. The overall values on the vibrations derive from the vector sum in the three directions

Surface smoothing (roughing)

Fluctuations emission value ah 6.0 m / s²

Uncertainty of measurement K 1.5 m / s²

Sanding with an abrasive sheet

Fluctuations emission value ah 2.0 m / s²

Uncertainty of measurement K 1.5 m / s²

I migliori elettroutensili professionali per l'industria e l'artigianato, molto apprezzati in edilizia ma non solo

0 601 79E 002

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