0.601.389.000 GPO 14 CE POLISHER BOSCH

0.601.389.000 GPO 14 CE POLISHER BOSCH

GPO 14 CE Professional polisher

Weight 2.5 Kg, compact shape
1400 Watt motor

Soft start
Tri-Control safety switch
6-stage Speed Selection
Costant Speed
Direct Cooling


Overload protection
Restart Protection

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GPO 14 CE Professional polisher

Supplied with the bosch polisher
D handle to adapt to all working positions
Additional handle

Extremely handy body polisher thanks to the ergonomic handle covered with comfortable Softgrip, you will get perfect polishing without effort even on large surfaces. It weighs only 2.5 kg and has a compact shape.

Powerful tool, with 1400 Watt motor, with soft start Soft start with Tri-Control safety switch, to have maximum control of the processing in every production phase. The number of revolutions can be preselected with the 6-stage Speed Selection, then the Costant Speed can be entered in order to optimize the processing of the material to be treated.

Housing is plastic coated, gear insulation is improved, for longer HEAVY DUTY tool life. Another device made to improve tool life is the arrangement of Direct Cooling air intakes developed for optimal cooling of the engine, which is in turn protected by the carbon disengagement brush. And if the extreme overload is reached anyway, the Overload protection safety device intervenes and automatically switches off the tool.

For the protection of the operator, bosch has developed the Restart Protection which takes care of not restarting the tool if it stops due to a power failure or jam until a specific command and intentional activity. Restoring the power supply is not enough to restart the polisher, so you have time to grip the tool correctly and position yourself correctly before continuing with the accidentally interrupted machining.

Technical data of the polisher

Power 1,400 W.

Idle speed 750 / 3,000 rpm.

Power output 800 W

Spindle thread M 14

Rubber pad, diameter 180 mm

Cup brush, ø 100 mm

Cup wheel, ø 180 mm

Sponge pad, ø 160 mm

Flat brush, ø 175 mm

Weight 2.5 kg

Vibration information, according to EN 60745


Fluctuations emission value ah 6.0 m / s²

Uncertainty of measurement K 1.5 m / s²

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0 601 389 000

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