0.601.792.002 GWS 11-125 MINI ANGLE GRINDER 1100 WATT BOSCH

0.601.792.002 GWS 11-125 MINI ANGLE GRINDER 1100 WATT BOSCH

Angle grinder

model GWS 11-125 Professional

durable and resistant

1100 Watt power, 125 mm wheels, 75 mm diameter cup brush and 125 mm rubber pad.




dimensions and weight: 303 mm and is 102 mm high for a weight of 2.2 kg

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bosch GWS 11-125 Professional angle grinder

bosch grinder, durable and resistant, powerful 1100 Watt motor. When empty, it performs 11500 revolutions per minute, delivers 740 Watts of power. The work can be done quickly and effortlessly. is a HEAVY DUTY tool

The tool is DIRECT COOLING with high efficiency and features long-lasting carbon brushes.

Don't be afraid to overdo the workload, the bosch grinder has a direct cooling system for high overload resistance, this means you are using a long life tool.

The bosch angle grinder is fitted with 125 mm wheels, a 75 mm diameter cup brush and a 125 mm rubber pad. The gear head can be rotated in 90 ° steps

The flexible is 303 mm long and 102 mm high for a weight of 2.2 kg, it is a really handy power tool. For ease of use, the hose handle can be used on both the left and right. The machine has an ergonomic shape, the operator will always have maximum control in every grip position.

The anti-rotation protection hood is a reliable protection device, PROTECTION GUARD, even in the event of a disc break.

Spindle thread M14

Below are some useful information on the vibrations emitted by the appliance during use. The values are measured in accordance with the EN 60745 standard. The overall vibration values are derived from the vector sum of three directions

Surface smoothing (roughing)

Vibration emission value ah 5.0 m / s²

Uncertainty of measurement K 1.5 m / s²

Sanding with an abrasive sheet

Fluctuations emission value ah 2.0 m / s²

Uncertainty of measurement K 1.5 m / s²

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