27744-987 C-CUBITRON II FIBRE DISCS 180 GRIT 36 3M Dinamitek 1

51589 27744 987 C FIBER DISCS 180 P36 FOR INOX BOX 25 PCS CUBITRON II 3M


987 C - CUBITRON II for heat sensitive metals

The innovative PGS Cubitron ™ II mineral with vulcanized fiber backing and double resin binder.

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25 FIBERED DISCS 180 GRIT 36 3M FOR STAINLESS STEEL code 51589 27744

987 C - CUBITRON II suitable for all processes requiring heavy removal of stainless steel and heat-sensitive metals. Thanks to the cooling additive on the mineral, it prevents the formation of browning on the product

The innovative PGS Cubitron ™ II mineral has changed the quality of fiber discs, raising the standard. It was enough to have a mineral with a constant shape positioned on the vulcanized fiber support according to a uniform orientation to obtain a highly efficient product: the edges remain sharp even during processing. This solution has made it possible to obtain a disc that cuts more, cuts better and faster, all relieving the operator who struggles less during use. The binder of the support is in double resin. The yield of the 987 C disc is high both in terms of cutting performance and in the duration of the disc: the number of machining operations it can do is higher than those of a common fiber disc

If you want your fiber disc to last even longer, use it together with the CUBITRON II 3M RIGID RED BACKING PAD FOR FIBER DISCS

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Migliora la produttività. Applicazioni su acciaio e lavorazioni dei metalli come saldatura, rettifica, smussatura e sbavatura

51589 (PN 27744)

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