27619-987 C-CUBITRON II FIBRE DISCS 115 GRAIN 36 3M Dinamitek 1

51562 27619 987 C FIBER DISCS 115 P36 FOR INOX BOX 25 PCS CUBITRON II 3M


987 C CUBITRON II high efficiency fiber disc for heat sensitive metals

Support: Vulcanized fiber.

Binder: Double resin.

Mineral: Triangular shaped PSG ceramic with cooling additive

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25 FIBERED DISCS 115 GRIT 36 3M FOR STAINLESS STEEL cod. 51 562 27619

987 C CUBITRON II for heavy removal of stainless steel and heat sensitive metals such as nickel alloy, for welding, grinding, chamfering and deburring. The CUBITRON II is a highly efficient fiber disc that does not heat up during processing

To be used with an angle grinder with a disc diameter of 115 mm in conjunction with suitable PPE

Support: Vulcanized fiber. It is a good support for the mineral which increases its duration

Binder: Double resin. It improves the anchoring of the mineral on the support, which does not crumble even during heavy processing

Mineral: Triangular shaped PSG ceramic with cooling additive so heat sensitive metals can be worked with better results

CUBITRON II is a new mineral developed and patented by 3M . High efficiency thanks to the constant shape and uniform orientation on the support which ensures that the edges continue to be sharp during processing. The 987 C fiber disc increases performance and cutting speed improving productivity, furthermore the total number of pieces machined by a CUBITRON II disc is far superior to that of common fiber discs. No less important is the reduction of worker fatigue

If used with the CUBITRON II 3M RIGID RED BACKING PAD FOR FIBERED DISCS you will get the best performance from your fiber disc

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Cubitron II 3M
Migliora la produttività. Applicazioni su acciaio e lavorazioni dei metalli come saldatura, rettifica, smussatura e sbavatura

51562 (PN 27619)

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