55074-982 C-CUBITRON II FIBRE DISCS 180 GRIT 36 3M Dinamitek 1

68320 55074 982 C FIBER DISCS 180 P36 FOR IRON BOX 25 PCS CUBITRON II 3M


982C CUBITRON II for heavy metal removal

vulcanized fiber support, double resin binder, PSG triangular-shaped ceramic mineral

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25 FIBERED DISCS 180 GRIT 36 3M FOR IRON cod. 68 320 55074

982C CUBITRON II for heavy metal removal

For angle grinders with 180 mm disc

The triangular-shaped PSG ceramic mineral is applied to the vulcanized fiber support with the double resin as a binder

CUBITRON II the new abrasive developed by 3M . A mineral of new conception with a constant shape and oriented on the support all in the same direction. This increases the efficiency of the disc, which has sharp edges even while it is working: more cutting, more speed, less effort for the operator. The CUBITRON II disc has a longer life than normal fiber discs and up to twice the performance in terms of efficiency, durability and strength.

The CUBITRON II does not produce excessive heat while cutting, which means that the artifact does not remain brown

To enhance your fiber disc for cutting capacity and durability, use it in combination with the CUBITRON II 3M RIGID RED BACKING PAD FOR FIBERED DISCS

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Cubitron II 3M
Migliora la produttività. Applicazioni su acciaio e lavorazioni dei metalli come saldatura, rettifica, smussatura e sbavatura

68320 (PN 55074)

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