Noir safety shoe from the Red Lion and White68 & Black U-Power line
Protection class: S2 SRC
Article: RL20282
EU regulation: EN ISO 20345: 2011

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NOIR U-Power metal free safety shoe
La Noir is an exceptional shoe and is part of the U-Power lines

  • Red Lion
  • White68 & Black

The WHITE68 & BLAC K line includes all those footwear ready to protect you from the dangers you don't see: not only physical and mechanical protection, at work you also need to defend yourself from bacteria, waste, organic and chemical residues . U-Power shoes are made with highly technological materials such as Ecolorica, New Safety Dry and Microfibre capable of guaranteeing this type of protection. Moreover, given the delicate context of these shoes, the models of the White68 & Black line have a simple and essential design so they can be washed, disinfected, sanitized and sanitized in a simple and immediate way.

Red Lion identifies the top-of-the-range U-Power shoes: they are the shoes that restore energy with every step ! Taking its cue from sports footwear, U-Power has developed INFINERGY® technology for its work footwear. It is a special dynamic cushioning that helps you feel light and never fatigued during the work shift. The shoe is not only flexible and allows a wide range of movement, but it is also technologically advanced to return the energy of each step. Furthermore, unlike other traditional foams, Infinergy® retains an elastic memory at any temperature, from the hottest ones (+ 40 °) to the most rigid ones (-20 °). Use your Noir shoe in any context, sure to be protected and supported correctly throughout the day, even when the work you have to face is particularly demanding.

The noir is a shoe without laces much appreciated for its lightness and comfort.
The construction materials are excellent.
The upper is the special New Safety Dry , water-repellent, breathable, while the lining features the Wingtex® breathable air tunnel technology, which absorbs and disperses moisture.
The footbed is made of Memory in Elastopan by Basf, the most comfortable solution in the world of work shoes! Also in this case the breathability of the foot is guaranteed. In addition, the antibacterial lining absorbs sweat and allows the foot to always remain dry.
The midsole is the cornerstone of the Noir shoe. It is made of soft PU foam and Infinergy®, the infinite energy technology for U-Power workers.

The Noir is a completely metal free shoe, the protective toe cap is made with AirToe® Composite , a safe toe cap but at the same time light and breathable. This is possible thanks to the asymmetrical holes in the tip and the micro-pores of the membrane that covers the entire tip.

The sole is made of compact PU so it is abrasion resistant, oil resistant, slip resistant and antistatic.

The shape of the Noir U-Power shoe is not accidental. The design of the shoe is the result of careful research on the changes that the foot undergoes during the many hours of work. The U-Power shoe with its Natural Confort 11 fit has managed to create shoes that guarantee a natural fit and without constrictions throughout the day.

Slip resistance

Slip resistance requirements according to en iso 20345: 2011 with method according to en 13287: 2012

SRA marking symbol Test plane: ceramic
Required conditions envisaged by the standard ≥ 0.32 shoe sole
u-power 0.68
Lubricant: H2O + detergent
Required conditions foreseen by the standard ≥ 0.28 heel inclination of 7 °
u-power 0.44

SRB marking symbol Test plane: steel
Required conditions foreseen by the standard ≥0.18 shoe sole
u-power 0.24
Lubricant: glycerin
Required conditions foreseen by the standard ≥ 0.13 shoe heel inclination of 7 °
u-power 0.15

Marking symbol (SRA + SRB)
Required conditions foreseen by the standard Marking with both methods

Scegli di dare energia alla tua giornata di lavoro con le speciali scarpe U-POWER. Il piede è al sicuro e ad ogni passo ti verrà restituita l'energia spesa: diventerai instancabile con queste scarpe da lavoro. Prova adesso le U-POWER con Dinamitek


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